About Us

Von der Strasseins Studio (VDSIS) is a German rap project for children and young people that conveys positive values ​​and approaches through musical engagement with the German language.

“VDSIS” was founded in 2010 by TimmFütterer as part of the social association SMOG eV (School without violence) / (Patron: Rudi Völler) . The young people should be shown alternative ways of processing emotions, communicating and presenting themselves in a safe environment. Since then, more than 700 young people have been involved in video shoots, workshops, performances and studio recordings.

In 2011 the rappers Haftbefehl and Eko Fresh got involved in the project for the participants .Eko Fresh subsequently became the project’s patron. In the following year he got involved with further music video productions for the children and young people,as well as with its own rap musical, in which more than 100 young people took part. The main focus was on inclusion, so that young people with and without disabilities came together. The numerous YouTube clicks of the videos in the millions, as well as reports in nationwide press organs, made the project known throughout Germany.